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TSE's Pricing Summary

At TSE Lawn Care LLC, I understand that price is a significant factor in determining your lawn care partner. To assist you in your decision I am open and transparent about my pricing structure. It is uncommon in the industry to share this information, but I believe that transparency concerning pricing, expenses, costs, etc. will earn the trust of our clients, employees, and community. I have nothing to hide and want to give my clients all the relevant information necessary to determine if TSE Lawn Care is the correct service provider for your lawn care project(s).

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Are we the right choice?

We are not the right lawn care partner for some homeowners and or commercial properties. If a potential client is looking for price discounts, price-matching, bartering etc. TSE Lawn Care would probably not be a good lawn care partner. I have standardized pricing on all of the services we provide. My business model is to make a financially sustainable service that can serve our customers now and in the future. We do not endeavor to be the lowest priced lawn care service provider, and we certainly are not the most expensive. Our focus is on quality and satisfaction at a fair price. We are continuously developing systems to improve our workflow processes within the company in order to provide our clients the highest quality service at a reasonable cost.

Below are some of the benefits of partnering with TSE Lawn Care.

1. Consistent Quality Standards
2. Fully Insured.
3. Professionally Trained Staff
4. All Employees Are Drug Tested and Background Checked
5. Credit Card Payments Accepted

Items that may affect service cost.

  • Lawn Mowing Cost

    Our mowing prices are calculated on a weekly (per cut) basis. I strive to make pricing affordable and transparent. Quotes for lawn mowing services are based primarily upon square footage utilizing a standardized price model. There are many variables that may impact costs, these variables may increase or decrease the cost as discussed below.

    Variables That Will Affect costs

    Deviation from standard costs may be incurred for a variety of reasons: travel distance, special equipment required, type of grass, length of grass, size of the property, number of hard surfaces requiring edging, terrain (slopes, hills), number of obstructions (trees, playground structures, or other lawn features) may increase lawn care cost. In short, anything requiring extra work will affect the finial cost.


    Our ability to be efficient and cost effective is based primarily on our utilization of large commercial equipment. Small backyard gates restrict access for this equipment, this increases the time required to service these areas. Additionally, Properties with limited and or no parking adjacent to the property for our service vehicle also increases the time it takes to perform our service and may impact costs.

    Excessive Animal Feces:

    Is detrimental to the health of your lawn and at best an undesirable work environment for your lawn care provider. Excessive animal feces will definitely impact lawn care costs and if not addressed, may lead to service cancelation.

    Grass Length:

    Tall grass makes mowing properties an arduous task that requires more time to cut. A property that has become overgrown will impact the initial and possibly successive cut costs, generally accepted lawn care guidelines for maintaining healthy sustainable lawn advises that no more than one-third of the height of the grass be removed in a single cutting.

    Lawn Features: Trees, Fences etc.

    Trimming around numerous fences, flowerbeds, hedges, trees, shrubs etc. may increase the required time to complete services adding to the total lawn care cost. Additionally, spring and fall cleanup cost may be affected due to the presence of numerous deciduous (leaf sheading) shrubs and or trees.


    Objects and other obstacles complicate the work to be completed and may impact cost because the crew is required to maneuver around and or move these items. Examples include but are not limited to playground structures, children’s toys, trampolines, water hoses, sprinklers, trash, miscellaneous debris etc.


    The additional time required to avoid lawn clippings in a pool due to mowing or trimming may impact the cost of services provided.

    Terrain / Shape: 

    Lawns containing uneven surfaces, slopes, hills, drainage ditches etc. may impact costs. A perfectly rectangular property will take considerably less time to mow in comparison to an unconventionally shaped property.